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Managing Steam: Volume 1 — Best Practices for Producing and Using Steam

Volume one of this two-part PDF guidebook series contains tutorial-style articles, originally published in Chemical Engineering.

Included are recommendations on how to produce and use steam in the most cost and energy efficient way. Several articles focus on traditional boiler-based systems for producing steam, and best practices for generating steam using integrated cogeneration facilities (which produce both steam and power for the end user).

Guidance is provided on properly interpreting and using ASME pressure vessel code and ASME boiler code to guide each engineers decision making. Also discussed are the requirements and challenges of systems that capture waste heat from fluegas as a key energy source to produce steam for use onsite. Numerous articles cover key operational challenges related to managing steam traps, water hammer and corrosion.

Delivered in a PDF format. 102 pages.

Table of Contents

Section 1- Traditional Steam Production
  • Facts at Your Fingertips: Steam generator operation and thermodynamics
  • Applying ASME Boiler Code to Steam Generation Systems
  • Decoding Pressure Vessel Design
  • Dynamic Modeling for Steam System Control
  • Handle Steam More Intelligently
  • Steam Management: Don’t Send Money Down the Drain
  • Steam Generation Thermodynamics
Section 2- Producing Steam Via Waste-Heat Recovery and Combined Heat and Power Production
  • Boosting Energy Efficiency in Chemical Manufacturing: A Look at Cogeneration
  • Combined Heat and Power for the CPI: Modern Concepts
  • Waste Heat Recovery Methods and Technologies
  • Integrating Gas Turbines into CPI Facilities
  • Get the Most Out of Waste Heat
  • Recover Waste Heat From Fluegas
Section 3- Operational Issues: Managing Condensate, Corrosion and Steam Traps
  • Corrosion Control in Condensate Systems
  • Don’t Leave Steam-Trap Maintenance to Chance
  • The Number One Problem in Steam System: Water Hammer
  • Waterhammer in Condensate Return Lines
  • Wireless Diagnostics for Steam Traps
  • Beware of Flow-Accelerated Corrosion
  • The Importance of Intensive Steam Trap Management
  • Reboiler Condensate Drums: Silencing Hydraulic Hammer

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