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Chemical Engineering Distillation Guidebook

This guidebook includes 19 practical, how-to articles formerly published in Chemical Engineering on distillation design, operations, troubleshooting, optimization and safety. Authors include well-known experts such as Henry Kister, Graham Polley, Ruth Sands and the FRI design practices committee. Most articles were published between 2006 and 2011, but a bonus section includes a sought-after, four-part troubleshooting series from 1989. Available in a PDF. 94 pages.

Articles Include:

1) Tray Column Design- Facts at Your Fingertips

2) Causes and Prevention of Packing Fires

3) Column Instrumentation Basics

4) Designing Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers: Consider Two-Phase Flow

5) Determining Packing Height with Accuracy

6) Distillation (1) – Facts at Your Fingertips

7) Distillation Back Mixing: Impact on Batch Yields

8) Distillation Tray Design- Facts at Your Fingertips

9) Distillation (2)- Facts at Your Fingertips

10) Distillation: How to Specify & Install Cartridge Trays

11) Dry Tray Pressure Drop of Sieve Trays

12) Estimating Equilibrium Phase Distribution Ratios

13) Inspecting Fractionation Towers

14) Kettle Troubleshooting

15) Minimize Trapped Components in Distillation Columns

16) Organization of Complex Distillation columns

17) Random Tower Packing – Facts at Your Fingertips

18) Reboiler Circuits for Trayed Columns

19) Silencing Hyraulics Hammer

This guidebook is delivered in a PDF format.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Please do not forward the PDF. It's against the law to copy, fax, or electronically transmit without our permission. For group subscription information and discount pricing, contact Sarah Garwood at 301-354-1705.

For all inquiries, please contact our Client Services Department at, (888) 707-5812 inside the United States or 1-301-354-2100 outside of the United States.

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