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Biochemistry, 4th Edition

The "Gold Standard" for Biochemistry resources, this is a modern classic that has been thoroughly revised. Don and Judy Voet explain biochemical concepts while offering a unified presentation of life and its variation through evolution. It incorporat... [more]
Price: $ 267.00

Reactors and Reaction Engineering: Volume 1 —Equipment and Instrumentation

Reactors are an essential part of many chemical process operations, and sound design is essential for maximizing reaction rates and optimizing throughput rates. The articles in this guidebook provide useful engineering information related to the desi... [more]
Price: $ 229.00

Energy and Process Optimization for the Process Industries

Exploring methods and techniques to optimize processing energy efficiency in process plants, Energy and Process Optimization for the Process Industries provides a holistic approach that considers optimizing process conditions, changing process flowsc... [more]
Price: $ 199.00

Water Quality Engineering: Physical / Chemical Treatment Processes

By carefully explaining both the underlying theory and the underlying mathematics, this book enables readers to fully grasp the fundamentals of physical and chemical treatment processes for water and wastewater. Throughout the book, the authors use d... [more]
Price: $ 240.00

Pipe Flow: A Practical and Comprehensive Guide

Pipe Flow provides the information required to design and analyze the piping systems needed to support a broad range of industrial operations, distribution systems, and power plants. Throughout the book, the authors demonstrate how to accurately pred... [more]
Price: $ 209.00

Compilation of Chemical Engineering Magazine Articles- 2013 (CD)

Looking for a specific topic from Chemical Engineering magazine? Search all 2013 articles in one convenient spot. Full US and International issues from January through December of 2013 are accessible here. You can even search each issue by key word. ... [more]
Price: $ 347.00

Avoiding Leakage Seals and Sealing Systems for Machinery and Piping

Seals and sealing systems are used throughout the chemical process industries, on both machinery components and piping, to control and isolate fluids such as liquids, gases and vapors. These tutorial-style articles share proven engineering guidance r... [more]
Price: $ 337.00

Applied Mathematics And Modeling For Chemical Engineers, 2nd Edition

With its clear explanations, examples, and problem sets, Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Engineers has enabled thousands of chemical engineers to apply mathematical principles to successfully solve practical problems. The book introduce... [more]
Price: $ 279.00

Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety

Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety provides guidelines for industries that manufacture, consume, or handle chemicals, by focusing on new ways to design, correct, or improve process safety management practices. This new framework for thinking ab... [more]
Price: $ 323.00

Chemical Reaction Engineering, 3rd Edition

Chemical Reaction Engineering, Third Edition helps students learn how to answer reactor design questions reliably and effectively. To accomplish this, the text emphasizes qualitative arguments, simple design methods, graphical procedures, and frequen... [more]
Price: $ 286.00

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